How to Index Links

Why Your Backlinks Aren’t Indexed

Getting your backlinks indexed isn’t about tricky tactics or silly tools.

All you need to do is avoid the following and you won’t ever have issues:

1. Your content isn’t unique

The content surrounding your backlinks needs to be 100% unique.

That’s because scrapped, spun, or straight up copied content will struggle to get indexed.

Plus, your backlinks will be more effective when you surround them with well-written content.

2. Your backlinks suck

Don’t tell me you’re upset because your social profile or forums links aren’t indexed.

Lower quality/less valuable backlinks do not index well.

The solution is simple:

Get better backlinks.

3. You’re posting on sites with “noindex”

Some websites place the “noindex” site on new pages.

If your link is on a page with the “noindex” tag, there is nothing you can do.

To see if a page has the “noindex” tag, use the “Inspect Element” option on Chrome.

The “noindex” tag will be in the head section of the HTML.

4. You’re posting on spammy platforms

Don’t expect backlinks from websites without an editorial process to index well.

Many link building tools like SENuke post to websites that auto-approve backlinks.

These platforms are spam sanctuaries.

Avoid them.

How to Get Your Backlinks Indexed (Guaranteed)

Use the following tactics to ensure your backlinks are getting indexed.

1. Let it Happen

Index Rate Potential: High

The first step in my indexing process is to just let it happen.

If your are getting quality backlinks, this won’t be a problem.

There are some link types like web 2.0s that need a push.

That’s why I created this guide.

2. Build Tier Two Links

Index Rate Potential: High

The next best indexing tactic is to create tier two links.

To learn more about tier two link read this.

3: Ping Your New Backlinks

Index Rate Potential = Low

I question whether pinging your backlinks actually works. I still do it as a preliminary step because it doesn’t hurt. Just make sure you don’t expect huge results from pinging.

For pinging use these services:

  • 24/7 Pinger
  • Ping Farm

These are pretty self-explanatory.

Just like anything else, don’t go crazy pinging your links.

You only need to use one of these websites to ping your links.

They all pretty much do the same thing.

4: Use Linklicious

Index Rate Potential = Low-Medium

The free version of Linklicious works well as a preliminary step and will index some of your links. Although, like pinging, it likely won’t be enough to index all your backlinks.

Only submit your backlinks once to this service.

5: Use Web 2.0s

Index Rate Potential = High

Now it’s time to take your indexing game up a notch.

Around 30% of your backlinks are at this point if you followed the previous steps.

For the remaining unindexed backlinks, we are going to use

Note: this tactic will work with any web 2.0 that has a high indexation rate.

The first step is create a new web 2.0. Title it whatever you want.

Next, create a new blog post.

Paste no more 10 of your backlink URLs and use naked link anchor text.

Create a new post for every 10.

The number “10” isn’t an exact science.

We’ve just seen that anymore than 10 decreases the ineffectiveness of this tactic.

The next thing you should do is write a brief introduction. No more than a sentence or two. Something like: “Check out my favorite articles of the month.”

Publish the post and wait.

The post should index within a day or two.

Once it’s indexed, Google will crawl the links in your post.

This index the majority of your backlinks.

Once you have verified the indexation, remove the links from the web 2.0.

This is to help eliminate footprints.

I recommend you reuse the same web 2.0. This is because the web 2.0 will age. As it ages, the indexation rate will improve.

Another variation of this tactic you can use is to buy an aged web 2.0 from the beginning.

6: Use Social Signals

Index Rate Potential = High

There is a chance that some of your links still aren’t indexed at this point.

Don’t worry… Social signals will help.

Social signals will not only help index your links, but they will also improve their trust as well.

There isn’t much to this tactic.

Just go to PBN Butler and order social signals.

Track Your Results

You should know this, but track everything you do on your SEO campaign.

This will help you understand your results or lack thereof.

The first step of this process is see your current indexation.

Use this tool to see your indexation rate. This tool will let you export the results. You can then transfer this information over to your main SEO campaign sheet.

You should have a tab for “Link Building” on a Google Sheet or Excel file. Create a column for “Indexing”. Place a “Y” next to all indexed backlinks.

Here is an example below:
excel tracking indexing-min

What to Avoid Doing When Trying to Index Backlinks

  • Buy a mass link package from Fiverr (please don’t do this)
  • Sit around and wait for them to get indexed
  • Build backlinks on noindex platforms (I have done this :|)

The Process (for Skim Readers)

  1. Wait 1 week – Let Google find your links
  2. Ping your links ONE time
  3. Submit your links to Linklicious ONE time
  4. Wait a few days and track your results
  5. Build a web 2.0 on – link to your backlinks that aren’t indexed yet
  6. Build social signals
  7. Make sure you track your results

What strategies are you using to get your backlinks indexed?

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading.


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Snapseed For PC & Windows 7, 8, 10

Snapseed For PC : As screen quality improves, processor speeds increase, and touch controls become more nuanced, doing extensive image editing on your Android device is a lot more practical than it was a few years ago. Most of the Smart phone users are using this app, to make their photos to be perfect and look awesome. The best part of this application is that, we do not need to learn how to use this awesome Snapseed for PC application. The application provides you many marvellous editing features to edit your photo to make picture bloom out.Snapseed for windows is most popular photo editing App in 2015, it breaks many records in popularity as well as you find almost every editing tools in this aap starting from Picture Editor, Drawing, Collapse, Effects etc.

Snapseed For PC & Windows 7, 8, 10

snapseed for pc

Users can straighten the image, crop it as well as tune the whole image by tampering with its brightness, saturation, contrast, ambiance, shadow and warmth. By doing horizontal slide you can change in the intensity of the already chosen option while vertical slide will let you choose between different options. Another plus point of the app is the already given options like black and white, vintage, drama, hdr scape, grunge, center focus, tilt shift and retrolux. But the fun does not ends here. These are not any typical frames, they are given for the users to mix their creativity by changing their settings and results in the most magical pictures of the special moments of the users. Users can change the frames, details and many what nots used in the digital photography is all available in this single app. Users can directly upload their photos on many social websites which is an extra ease provided by the app.

Running the Snapseed for PC is possible using the Android Emulator. We can use any Emulator to download and install the Snapseed. It is free software where you can run the Android Apps and games on multiple platforms like Windows and Mac. To download the Snapseed App for PC, you can just follow the given steps.

Two of its best features are the ability to make photo collages of all your favorite snaps and a way to layer several photos over each other to give a double exposure” effect. The app also includes Photoshop-esque effects. For example, you can make your image look like a pencil drawing, an ink sketch, or a poster.

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Copa America 2016 Schedule & Timings in India

Copa America is one of the best football league conducted in South America in which 12 teams will participate and the event will held in June-July once in every 4 years. This Year Copa America known as CA2016 and the official website will gives you all the updated information news, results, highlights and many more things here

This Year copa America 2016 is 45th Edition and this is going to be hosted in Centenario, USA. for the first time copa America is going to play ith 16 teams. on the occasion of completing 100 years CONCACAF & CONMEBOL on the Agreement added 4 teams from CONCACAF which made 16 teams.

The Copa America 2016 is going to start from june 4th 2016 and Copa America Final 2016 will be conducted on June 27th march 2016. Last Year Chine won the champions=ship and this year Chile will be playing as hot favorites of the Entire team. In this Article we will give you about Copa America 2016 Schedul, Fixtures & Timings

Below is the Copa America 2016 indian timings

Copa America 2016 Schedule & Timings in India

copa 2016 indian timings

June 4, 2016 – Group Stage
1 United States vs Colombia Levi’s Stadium – Santa Clara, CA 7:00 AM (IST) A
June 5, 2016 – Group Stage
2 Costa Rica vs Paraguay Orlando Citrus Bowl 2:30 AM (IST) A
3 Haiti vs Peru CenturyLink Field – Seattle 5:00 AM (IST) B
4 Brazil vs Ecuador Rose Bowl – Pasadena 7:30 AM(IST) B
June 6, 2016 – Group Stage
 5 Jamaica vs Venezuela Soldier Field 2:30 AM(IST) C
6 Mexico vs Uruguay  Univ. of Phoenix Stadium 5:30 AM(IST) C
June 7, 2016 – Group Stage
 7 Panama vs Bolivia Orlando Citrus Bowl – Orlando 4:30 AM(IST) D
 8 Argentina vs Chile  Levi’s Stadium – Santa Clara 7:30 AM(IST) C
June 8, 2016 – Group Stage
9 United States vs Costa Rica Soldier Field – Chicago 5:30 AM(IST) A
10 Colombia vs Paraguay  Rose Bowl – Pasadena 8:00 AM(IST) A
June 9, 2016 – Group Stage
11 Brazil vs Haiti Orlando Citrus Bowl 5:00 AM(IST) B
12 Ecuador vs Peru  Univ. of Phoenix Stadium 7:30 AM(IST) B
June 10, 2016 – Group Stage
 13 Uruguat vs Venezuela Lincoln Financial Field 5:00 AM(IST) C
14 Mexico vs Jamaica  Rose Bowl – Pasadena 7:30 AM(IST) C
June 11, 2016 – Group Stage
15 Chile vs Bolivia Gillette Stadium 4:30 AM


 16 Argentina vs Panama Soldier Field – Chicago 7:00 AM(IST) D
June 12, 2016 – Group Stage
7 United States vs Paraguay Lincoln Financial Field 4:30 AM(IST) A
# 18 Colombia vs Costa Rica NRG Stadium 6:30 AM(IST) A
June 13, 2016 – Group Stage
19 Ecuador vs Haiti MetLife Stadium 4:00 AM(IST) B
20 Brazil vs Peru Gillette Stadium 6:00 AM(IST) B
June 14, 2016 – Group Stage
 21 Mexico vs Venezuela NRG Stadium – Houston 5:30 AM(IST) C
# 22 Uruguay vs Jamaica Levi’s Stadium 7:30 AM(IST) C
June 15, 2016 – Group Stage
23 Chile vs Panama Lincoln Financial Field 5:30 AM(IST) D
24 Argentina vs Bolivia CenturyLink Field 7:30 AM(IST) D
June 17, 2016 –Quarter-Final 1
25 1A vs 2B CenturyLink Field – Seattle 7:00 AM


June 18, 2016 –Quarter-Final 2
 26 2A vs 1B MetLife Stadium – East Rutherford 5:30 AM(IST)
June 19, 2016 – Quarter-Final 3 & 4
 27 1D vs 2C Gillette Stadium –Foxborough 4:30 AM(IST)
 28 2D vs 1C Levi’s Stadium – Santa Clara 7:30 AM


June 22, 2016 –Semi-Final 1
 29 Winner of Match 25 & 27 NRG Stadium – Houston 6:30 AM(IST)
June 23, 2016 – Semi-Final 2
30 Winner of Match 26 & 28 Soldier Field – Chicago 7:30 AM(IST)
June 26, 2016 – 3rd Place Match at Univ. of Phoenix Stadium – 5:30 AM(IST)
June 27, 2016 – Final at MetLife Stadium – East Rutherford – 5:30 AM(IST)Copa America 2016 Schedule in Indian Time PDF*

Watch Copa America Centenario Live Streaming